Dr Sri Perecherla

Adult ADHD Specialist Experience:


I have specialist expertise in assessing and managing ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in adults. I trained at the Maudsley Adult ADHD Clinic as a Specialist Registrar in 2008/2009.


My experience as an Adult ADHD Consultant includes:

NHS Consultant Psychiatrist Experience:

I worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in NHS from 2009 to 2021. My Consultant roles in National Health Service (NHS) are as follows:

Research & Publications



Burza S, Mougey, B, Perecherla S and Talwar N Practice Examination papers for the MRCPsych part 1 examination Radcliffe Publishing Ltd. 2005




Peer reviewed papers:

Susan Young, Nicoletta Adamo, Bryndís Björk Ásgeirsdóttir, Polly Branney, Michelle Beckett, William Colley, Sally Cubbin, Quinton Deeley, Emad Farrag, Gisli Gudjonsson, Peter Hill, Jack Hollingdale, Ozge Kilic, Tony Lloyd, Peter Mason, Eleni Paliokosta, Sri Perecherla, Jane Sedgwick, Caroline Skirrow, Kevin Tierney, Kobus van Rensburg & Emma Woodhouse

BMC Psychiatry (2020) 20:404

Females with ADHD: An expert consensus statement taking a lifespan approach providing guidance for the identification and treatment of attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder in girls and women

There is evidence to suggest that the broad discrepancy in the ratio of males to females with diagnosed ADHD is due, at least in part, to lack of recognition and/or referral bias in females.  Readmore….

Perecherla S and Macdonald, AJD

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Older psychiatric in-patients’ knowledge about psychotropic and non-psychotropic medications

Aims and method We hypothesised that, because of stigma associated with mental illness, patients’ knowledge of psychotropic medication would be less than that of non-psychotropic medication. Readmore…


Perecherla S

Evidence Based Mental Health, 2009 Feb; 12(1):4-6.

Web Matters

For even the most Luddite among you, it must now be clear that there is more to the Internet than email.  The World Wide Web has become not only one of the best available resources for health information but also a virtual couch for E-therapy. Readmore…


Perecherla S, Paton C & Barnes TRE

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Variations in anti-dementia drug prescribing

In the context of a project to benchmark anti-dementia drug prescribing practice against standards derived from evidence-based guidelines.. Readmore…


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Adult ADHD

Adult ADHD assessment (for new patients) – up to 2 hours

£950 (video consultation)

£1050 (in-person)

ADHD review (for patients previously diagnosed with ADHD and have an assessment report) – up to 90 mins

£600 (video consultation)

£700 (in-person)

Adult ADHD follow-up – 30 mins

Adult ADHD annual review

£225 (video consultation)
£250 (in-person)
£295 (video consultation)
£325 (in-person)

Private prescription





General Psychiatry

General Psychiatric assessment

£395 (1 hour)

General follow-up consultation

£225 (30 mins)



*Fees must be paid at least 24 hours in advance.

Private Medical insurance

I am recognised as a Specialist by private medical insurers like BUPA, AXA etc.

What does Adult ADHD assessment involve?

  • Before the appointment:
  1. We aim to obtain the following information from GP/other health services:
    • A ‘patient summary’ from GP surgery with a list of medical conditions and medications from the GP
    • Letters/reports from any previous contact with mental health services

2. We will send blank copies of the below listed rating scales/questionnaires to the patient/informant and request them to send the completed copies to us.

      • Barkley Adult ADHD rating scales – childhood and current- completed by patient and their informants (Parents/Siblings/Partner)
      • Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale
      • Background information questionnaire

3. We often ask patients to bring any school reports (to understand their behaviour in school) where available

  • During the appointment:

Consultation time: up to 120 minutes

      • Interview with patient [this includes DIVA (Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in adults) where appropriate
      • Interview with parents/siblings/partner (either face-to-face or telephone)
  • After the appointment:

Our assessment report (with treatment recommendations and follow-up arrangements) will be sent to GP (with patient consent) and a copy of the report will be sent to patient.

We are undertaking remote/online video consultations due to COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Perecherla offers online video consultations via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime, as well as telephone appointments.


Emergencies: If you are experiencing a medical or Psychiatric emergency, then please visit your local Accident & Emergency Department.

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This clinic is for patients aged 18 to 65 years old.

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